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Protect symbol names from unauthorized access in compiled code

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Obfuscator Executive is a developer's tool for scrambling exposed class, function, subroutine, object, UI element, variable, and constant names in EXE and compiled binary files (.EXE, .OCX, .DLL, .LIB, .BIN) for 64-bit, 32-bit, and 16-bit Windows versions. It conceals symbol information, protecting your software by making it more difficult to understand for others.

Protect the vulnerable symbols in your EXE files.
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Obfuscator Executive in Action:

Press 'Open' to pick an EXE or binary file. Obfuscator Executive examines your file and presents a list of vulnerable symbols. Mark the symbols you want to conceal with stars. After selection, hit 'Obfuscate' for processing and transformation into a secure binary. Post-processing, the new binary is presented for evaluation.



Identifiable symbols are renamed to predefined text strings, minimizing potential risks due to exposure of plaintext data.

Analysis of the new protected EXE showing the symbols were obfuscated (Screenshot)

Complicate your software to render it less understandable.
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Effortless Integration

Preserve and update symbols throughout the executable life cycle with saved settings on a per-executable basis. Smoothly integrate Obfuscator Executive into existing build scripts for automatic protection of your executables.

Effortlessly conceal identifiable symbols.
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Release date: June 11, 2024

Compatible with Windows XP to Windows 11.
Limitations: Single instance, protection of approx. 20 symbols.
No command line builds, 30-minute sessions.

Contains no malware or viruses.
Does not use networking or compromise your security.

Verify Installer / Program safety.

MD5: 354ee54f45289e02ce0859494e27ca18

Licensing Options

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30-minute sessions
Restricted obfuscations
Single instance
No automation


1 License
Unlimited obfuscations
Multiple instances
Automated builds


5 Licenses
Unlimited obfuscations
Multiple instances
Automated builds

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Obfuscator Executive has been helping developers protect software for over 2 decades. Introduced in 2001 as VB EXE Obfuscator, we designed it specifically to address the symbol insertion control limitations that Visual Basic developers faced during EXE compilation. In late 2023 efforts began to significantly upgrade Obfuscator Executive's features and capabilities, leading to protect a wider range of EXE's and binaries from a diverse variety of Windows compilers.

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