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Obfuscator Executive is a developer's simple yet powerful tool for renaming exposed class names, function names, subroutines, objects, UI elements, and labels within EXE and compiled binary files. It enables the concealment of symbol information, protecting and making your software more challenging to understand for others.

Obfuscator Executive At Work

Obfuscator Executive in Action:

Getting started with Obfuscator Executive is as easy as loading your executable file into the software. The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly choose and load the file you want to protect.

After loading your file, you can view the vulnerable symbols and easily mark them for obfuscation. When you are satisfied with your choices, simply click the "Obfuscate" button to transform these symbols into unreadable text.

Pre Obfuscation

Post Obfuscation

Identifiable symbol names are transformed into undecipherable text strings, significantly reducing potential risks associated with binary data exposure.

Obfuscator Executive Symbol View Post-Obfuscation (Screenshot)

Effortless Integration

Preserve and update symbols throughout the executable life cycle with saved settings on a per-executable basis. Seamlessly integrate Obfuscator Executive into existing build scripts for automatic protection of your executables.

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Compatible with Windows XP through Windows 11.
Limitations: Single instance, protection of maximum 20 symbols.
No command line builds, 30-minute sessions.

Contains no malware or viruses.
Does not use networking or compromise your security.

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MD5: 0056357182f3647271b69cf0342265f8


Free Trial


30-minute sessions
Limited to 20 symbols
Single instance
No automation
License For Individual


1 License
Unlimited obfuscations
Multiple instances
Automated builds
$249 USD
License For Team


5 Licenses
Unlimited obfuscations
Multiple instances
Automated builds
$999 USD

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Jory is writing software since 1981 and has focused on creating intuitive and indispensable products. He is best known for creating Emulive, a pioneering streaming media suite that thrived before YouTube. Unfortunately, two tick bites in 2005 and 2016 changed his life, resulting in disabilities and declining health. However, in October 2023, he revived his old project, the VB EXE Obfuscator, now Obfuscator Executive, aiming to adapt it to modern requirements and help support his medical expenses. Join Jory's journey, explore the free trial of Obfuscator Executive, and share your thoughts as he embarks on this new chapter.